Sauna Facilities

However, if any unforeseen issue arises during your visit, we will notify you before entry, as we understand the importance of delivering a seamless sauna experience for our members.

Free parking

60 Spaces: Adjacent to the complex, so you can conveniently park your car while enjoying your sauna visit.

free drinks

Tea & Coffee: All day, every day, our members enjoy unlimited hot drinks on any and every visit.

free WI-FI

Keeping you connected: You can even work from Steam on your visit, the ultimate in work, rest and play.

swimming pool

Full Sized: It’s the perfect way to stay fit and healthy.

Commercial jacuzzi

Commercial large size: Adjacent to our swimming pool.


Large Size: Perfect for a detox on your visit.

3 locker rooms

With shower facilities: We have three locker rooms with plenty of space to change and shower.

Cinema Rooms

Adult Movies: Showing a wide selection of films throughout the day.

play rooms

Adult themed rooms: Each room is fully equipped.

dungeon room

Fully equipped: Offering a great space to play with like-minded members.

social lounge

Relax & unwind: You can enjoy your food and drink in the lounge.

cafe bar

Food & refreshments: Serving various meals, snacks and drinks.

Spend a week exploring the social spaces of Steam Complex, where men connect in Leeds!

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