First Time Visit Guide

Welcome to Steam Complex

Your place to unwind with a sauna, swimming pool, and relaxation areas. If it’s your first visit, don’t worry. Our straightforward First Time Visitors Guide will help you get the most out of your experience, from dressing right to preparing effectively. So grab your towel, and let’s dive into the guide!

How old do I have to be to visit Steam Complex?

We allow adult males 18 years and over entry to the Complex.

Is Steam Complex members only?

Yes, we are a members-only club.

To become a member, you must complete our membership application form, which takes about a minute to complete.

NO ID is Required unless you look younger than 25!

I am discreet and do not want anyone to know I have visited Steam!

We follow a discreet and confidential policy.

We do not share your details with anyone.

Your membership information is only shared with us when you visit the Complex.

So, it’s my first time, and I am waiting at the door. What next?

A black door is the main entrance to the reception area at Steam.

The reception area is a private room and looks pretty much like a booking-in area in a hotel.

One of our team members will greet you and ask if this is your first visit.

Tell them you are a new member, and they will swiftly help you become a member. This takes about 3 minutes in total.

Once you have completed your membership application, our Staff Team will book you into the Complex upon your entry payment and then pass you a towel and a locker key.

Your key will have a rubber band attached, similar to what you would get if you visited the local swimming baths – you must keep this key with you at all times during your visit. Most members will put this key around their ankles or wrists for safekeeping.

You will then be given directions to access the locker room.

I’m not sure how long I want to visit, how long can I stay?

On the day of your visit, you are welcome to stay at the Complex for as long as you like until we close. You are free to stay for as short or as long a time as you wish.

If I leave and return the same day, do I have to pay again to get in?

No, we allow you to request a Free Pass Out at reception. This free entry pass will allow you back into the Complex on the same day you have paid for entry.

Do I need to bring along anything special, clothing-wise?

Apart from your payment to the Complex, bring yourself.

The idea of using Steam is to change from your clothes, put your clothes into your locker and then pop on your towel. We have various sizes of towels to fit all.

If you would like to wear swimming trunks or shorts under your towel, you may do so. In all public areas, i.e. the lounge area, bar area, and corridors, you must wear your towel unless it is our Naked Day event.

So, do I only get one towel?

No, we appreciate towels getting wet and will provide free replacements on your visit.

Just ask one of the staff team at the bar area, and they will give you a fresh towel.

Return your old one to the locker room, pop it into the laundry bin, and pop on your new towel.

Towel replacement is free.

You mention food and drink. Do you serve at certain times?

Yes, we have a shower area where you can get freshened up. Body soap is provided free.

How much do you charge for condoms and lube?

We don’t charge for condoms or lube. Located in various areas of the Complex, there are free supplies for you to use, as many as you wish.

Do I need the body of a god to go to a Steam?

Definitely not – Steam Complex caters for all types of guys in an attitude-free, non-judgmental environment.

I’m really really REALLY nervous!

The only barrier to enjoying a visit to Steam for a first-time user is probably first-time nerves. The thought of entering a sauna for the first time can be daunting for some people, but once you are inside, you will wonder what all the fuss is about.

Steam Complex has been designed to put you at ease as quickly as possible once you join us, and you will find this follows through with fellow members who enjoy the relaxing and social feeling of a Steam Complex visit.

A good thing to remember is that once inside the Complex, we are all the same – in towels (apart from our Staff Team).

OK, so when is it busy?

Like going to your local bar, you cannot say what time or day will be the busiest – week in, week out, each day and time will vary. Some members prefer it to be quiet, others busy busy busy. On various visits, you can gauge what day/time suits you.

We hold weekly and monthly events on certain days, attracting like-minded groups to the events – check out our events page for more details, and if one suits you, then pop along.

What if I want to come but don’t want to be part of the event?

That is not a problem. One of the main plus points of Steam is that we are a large complex, and members who do not want to participate in any of the events can use the rest of the facilities.

Can I bring a friend along?

If your friend(s) meets our joining criteria and completes the relevant membership application to join Steam Complex, you can bring along as many friends as you wish.

If they have not visited us before, you could show them this first-time visitor guide.

What do I do next?

We hope you found our first time visitors guide helpful. If there are any further questions you would like answered, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choose your day and time of visit, grab your ID (if you think there may be a chance, we will ask for some), pop along, and enjoy your first visit to Steam Complex!

Spend a week exploring the social spaces of Steam Complex, where men connect in Leeds!

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