Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steam Complex?

Steam Complex is a sauna/spa for gay, bisexual and curious men.

Is Steam Complex a safe and discreet place?

Absolutely! Steam Complex is known for its safe and discreet environment, making it a trusted spot for connecting with other men. The focus is on creating a welcoming and secure atmosphere for everyone who visits.

Where is Steam Complex located?

At Unit 2, Ledgard Way, Leeds, LS12 2ND

What are the opening hours of Steam Complex?

Hours vary by day, typically from 11 AM. Check the Hours & Prices page for specific timings.

Do I need to be a member to visit?

Yes, membership is required.

Is there an age restriction for entry?

Yes, it’s exclusively for men aged 18 and over.

Do I need to bring an ID?

ID is required if you appear younger than 25.

What facilities does Steam Complex offer?

A sauna, swimming pool, relaxation areas, free WiFi, and more. Check the facilities page for further information.

Are there any events I can attend?

Yes, Steam Complex hosts various weekly and monthly events. Check the events page for further details of current events.

Is Steam Complex accessible by public transport?

Yes, it’s easily accessible from major motorway networks and public transport. For further details and directions, visit the Address page.

What are the prices for entry?

Prices vary. Please visit the Hours & Prices page for information on current prices.

Do you offer any discounts, special rates or passes?

Special offers include the Sunday free visit pass and multi-visit sauna pass. We also have a discount VIP club you can join for free.

Can I leave and return on the same day?

Yes, with a free pass out, you can leave and return multiple times within your paid period.

What should I bring for my first visit?

Just yourself and some form of ID if you’re under 25.

Are there any particular guidelines I should know about?

It’s recommended to check the first-time visitor guide on the website.

Can I book a massage at Steam Complex?

Yes, Swedish massages are available for booking.

Is there a place to socialise within Steam Complex?

Yes, there are various social and relaxation areas.

How can I stay updated on the latest sauna news?

Join the free VIP club to get notified of the latest news and discounts.

What makes Steam Complex unique?

Its commitment to providing a genuinely immersive experience in a vibrant community.

Spend a week exploring the social spaces of Steam Complex, where men connect in Leeds!

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