Gents, ready to fire up your weekend? Shed the week’s weight, don your best gear, and heat up your Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM at HRNY @ STEAM COMPLEX. It’s your spot to sparkle, mingle, and more.

This Saturday, whether you choose to wear a little or a lot, it’s all about feeling fabulous and owning the space!

  • Naked As You Dare: Embrace freedom and bare it all!
  • Shorts of All Sorts: Keep it comfy or stylish in your favourite shorts.
  • Jockstraps: Sporty and minimal, perfect for moving freely.
  • Unlimited Underwear Options: From briefs to boxers, wear what makes you feel great.

Forge Genuine Bonds: Dive straight into deep connections this Saturday. Our sauna isn’t just a space—it’s the place where fun meets freedom.

Unwind and Elevate: Shake off your weekday blues and raise your spirits! Our doors open to a playground where relaxation and excitement blend seamlessly.

VIP Feels for Everyone: Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular, HRNY celebrates YOU. Enjoy our vibrant community atmosphere where respect and fun reign supreme.

From the crack of dawn to the chill of the evening, our sauna offers a place not just to be, but to belong. Feel the pulse, join the fun, and make moments that matter.

What are you waiting for? Slide into your Saturday with style at HRNY @ STEAM COMPLEX. Don’t just hear about it—be part of the buzz that fills our weekends!

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Saturday HRNY: ‘Naked, Shorts, Underwear or ‘Jocks’ at Steam Complex. Free Sunday pass + All-day hot drinks!