Steam Complex
Biphoria Bisexual Event

Welcome to Biphoria – A Weekly Wonderland

Hello, Adventurers of Love and Life!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world where the spectrum of attraction knows no bounds? Biphoria is not just an event; it’s a beacon of inclusivity, a place where the bisexual community and friends can revel in their true colours. Every Thursday, from the break of day till the stroke of midnight, we gather to celebrate the beauty of bisexuality.

Key Event Information:

When: Every Thursday, 11 am to MIdnight
Steam Complex Gay & Bisexual Sauna,
Ledgard Way,
LS12 2ND

Biphoria Bisexual Event
Biphoria: Your Awesome #1 Weekly Bi Experience 2

What is Biphoria?

Biphoria is a weekly event dedicated to the celebration and understanding of bisexuality. It’s a gathering that transcends traditional labels, welcoming individuals across all spectrums of sexuality and gender identity. Whether you’re bi-curious, staunchly bisexual, or just supportive of the community, Biphoria is your space to connect, learn, and celebrate diversity in its most authentic form.

A Haven for Hearts and Minds

At Biphoria, expect a vibrant, judgment-free zone pulsating with life and acceptance. It’s where you can be unapologetically you in a community that champions the freedom to love without barriers. We welcome everyone – gay, straight, bi, curious, couples, and singles – to kick back, have fun, and get their Biphoria on in a stress-free environment.

Thirteen Hours of Delight

Why confine joy to just a few hours? Biphoria offers an epic 13-hour escapade of fun, friendship, and exploration. It’s a marathon of joy, where the only finish line is a heart full of new memories and connection​​s.

Activities to Ignite Your Spark

With various activities, Biphoria ensures you’ll never find a dull moment. Lounge in our cosy chairs, sway to the rhythms of life with our upbeat music and stay energised with unlimited free hot drinks (free 11 am to 7 pm). Our onsite cafe serves delightful meals and snacks whenever hunger strikes.

Your Gateway to Leeds

Nestled just outside the city’s heart, Steam Complex is easily accessible and brimming with convenience. With free parking and a hub of public transport options, arriving at Biphoria is as effortless as joining the fun.

Beyond an Event – A Community

Biphoria is more than a weekly gathering; it’s a growing, diverse community connected by open-mindedness. We believe in creating an extraordinary space where unity shines brightest when labels and judgments are left at the door.

Welcoming First-Timers with Open Arms

New to Biphoria? No worries! We’ve crafted a guide for first-time visitors that outlines everything from joining up to what to expect. It’s your roadmap to a fantastic first visit, ensuring you feel right at home from the moment you step in.